The_Cosmetic_ShoppeJul 30

I gave my Id , My bank proclamation, my financial record the extent that I review.

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Trung_Nguyen_MinhJul 30

Much obliged for your answer.

I have communicated something specific about my, Amazon reaction that my case is exchanged to Seller-execution group.

Would it be a good idea for me to push them since it has been 03 days from the date when my case was exchanged?

The_Cosmetic_ShoppeJul 30

Howdy not certain on what else you can do on the off chance that you gave everything, simply trust that them will survey and affirm your data.

Is your record frozen(listings not dynamic) or suspended?

Trung_Nguyen_MinhJul 30

Dear companion, My record is suspended in light of the fact that I am a novice so I have not recorded any things.

Expectation that they could consider my case soon.


The_Cosmetic_ShoppeJul 30

Hello gracious alright thank you for illuminating. Mine was solidified made non dynamic the postings until the point when they checked on and affirmed every one of the archives took a couple of days. I needed to call them and ask. You can simply continue attempting. Good Luck to you my companion:)

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Trung_Nguyen_MinhJul 30

Hello there Dear, Thank you so much, Shall I call for them? On the off chance that I could please would you be able to prompt where might I be able to have their telephone number?

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The_Cosmetic_ShoppeJul 30

Hello in the event that you have an expert record you ought to have the capacity to open a talk inside your case and tap the tab that says for them to call you and they should call you right away (It works along these lines in USA) not certain your area. Theres no immediate telephone number , inside your case under “Deal with Your Case”, at that point click “View your case log” search for your case that is asking for the records the tab ought to be in there for you to get a call, if not I’m sad not certain what else to state. Mine was inside my case and I have a Professional Seller Account. Respects, Sam


Trung_Nguyen_MinhJul 30

Much obliged to you, Sam so I need to change the Selling Plan from Individual to Pro Selling record.



The_Cosmetic_ShoppeJul 30

I thought you were proficient record? Well attempt that and get in touch with them, yet in addition know the Professional record has a month to month expense however in the event that you list up enough things you ought to be fine. Survey the expense for that and choose of its something you need. In any case, that is the main way I realize how to get in touch with them :slight_smile:


Marvy_DealJul 28

Hello everybody,

I am a beginner and I simply sent the docs to Amazon to check my Account.

Amazon replied:”Approve Seller for enlistment”, yet at the same time my Account still be suspended by Amazon.

May I ask there would anyone say anyone is meet a similar issue like me? It would be ideal if you mercifully offer and help me for this situation.

Much appreciated and best respects,


On the off chance that they say you’re endorsed to offer, how would you realize your record is suspended? Have you attempt to make new postings yet?

Trung_Nguyen_MinhJul 281

Hi, Yeah I have attempted to make posting however the framework reacts that I don’t have appropriate to do posting and it come back to the principle page.

|SEAmode evacuated picture with individual information|

The_Cosmetic_ShoppeJul 28

click revive the case and request to be called to examine what they require there must be something? They simply solidify your record not suspend. Except if there are different issues you didnt notice?

Trung_Nguyen_MinhJul 28

Much obliged to you for your recommendation, I have revived the case.

I have endeavored to click “Perused more” to discover what occurred with my record or What should I do to meet the Amazon’s Requirements.

Be that as it may, it drives me to the Message record and that I can just discover the message to give the docs and the other message said that I am not permitted to offer on Amazon with no further reaction from Amazon.

I am exceptionally befuddled and don’t what to do straightaway.

The_Cosmetic_ShoppeJul 29

They should need more archives something is missing… ideally they will caution you to what it is. Tell me how it turns out.

Trung_Nguyen_MinhJul 29

May I ask that I have connected Passport and Bank Account Statement

Financial balance Statement is the Deposit Account which is issued by Payoneer. So Shall I apply the Bank Account Statement of the Charge Account (Credit Card)?

Much appreciated